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About us
Espevær Laks AS is a multinational seafood company, headquartered in Norway. We specialise in processing, distributing and marketing of a range of salmon, trout and crustaceans products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Espevær Group is known and recognized as a leading supplier of Organic and Sustainable fish. From Bømlo being pioneers in wrasse fishing and development of new techniques to make better use of this cleanerfish in Salmon farming in the 90’s, to being the first in the world with Organic Cod in Bømlo Cod and later Organic Salmon in Bømlo Salmon and, finally, becoming the first ASC certified Salmon farm in the world in Bømlo Arctic in 1997.

Following the sale of the farming operations in 1997 and the following management buyout of the sales and marketing company,
Espevær Laks AS is now an independent sales and marketing company working close with independent Salmon farmers. Espevær Laks carries the heritage of the Espevær companies with pride. We strive to live up to the legacy of “The Espevær Way” by providing first class customers with first class products, service and advice in an ever changing, more competitive and complicated marketplace.

We take pride in being an informed partner and our target is to create bigger values for all to share through close partnerships with our customers and suppliers.